Treating Eye Problem Early, Prevent the Blindness

Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison is one of the most eminent Ophthalmologists in U.S.A. He is an expert in treating eyes from all sorts of problems. Many people in New York City are depending on him to overcome their eyes related problems.  Hitesh studied MBBS in Penn State University and completed his under graduation with distinction. In Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, he acquired his medical degree. Then, he is the top ranked student in his class.

He undertook severe training, in order to find out the frequent vision disorder in patients. Also, he learned how to treat the patients, who suffer from the vision problems. His interest towards his profession made him to learn the eye surgery treatment. His hard work made him to be a specialist in treating eyes problem. Now, he is offering LASIK treatment for New Jersey people, who is suffering from eye dilemma.

Now, people in New Jersey are praising the Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison as the most efficient eye specialist. He is mostly using the latest equipment to treat the people and he is having experience in this profession for almost ten years. He assisted more than thousand people to overcome the different types of eye related problems. Night blindness, myopia (short sightedness), astigmatism, hyperopia (distance sightedness) are few types of common eye problem, which doctor Hitesh treats casually, as he is well experienced in curing these kinds of disorders.

Pterygium is a sort of eye problem in which conjunctiva grows. Conjunctiva is a soft layer that wraps the white part of the eye. If the conjunctiva covers full eye the vision will be completely affected. If this is identified in the starting stage, it can be cured without surgery. Else, certain person should undergo surgery treatment to get out of this trouble. To treat the people, who have Pterygium, an expert is essential. Doctor Hitesh is an expert, who can perform Pterygium operation successfully.

This doctor has ability to cure all sorts of eye problem. If you feel any irritation or pain in eye, don’t leave it simply. Doctor Hitesh says that if any problem in located in the starting stage it can be treated and cured easily. So, take necessary precaution measures and prevent you from the blindness. He is providing eyeglass for the people, according to the level of eyesight they have. Since, many people are preferring lens, he is providing that too. He prefers the apt lens for the people according to their profession in order to prevent them from hurdles, due to lens.

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