Liz Rehnke: How This Young, Brave Soul Seeks a Higher Calling

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Elizabeth Rehnke, or Liz Rehnke, as she is fondly called by family and friends, had her eyes opened at a very early age to the harsh and cruel realities of life. Her father, Dr. Ernest Rehnke raised Liz as a responsible and caring young girl. Growing up, Liz accompanied her father on numerous medical missions around the world. Her father had a genuine desire to help thousands of people who reside in the impoverished locations in the African continent. When she was eleven years old, Liz started accompanying her father on these philanthropic endeavors, and through these experiences, she has learned the value of sacrifice and social responsibility.

Liz Rehnke believes that the major cause of poverty is lack of education. While she was helping her father on his medical missions, she saw how poverty has gripped almost the entire African continent due to a very low literacy rate in the area. Liz takes the initiative to pursue her dreams of helping more people by reaching out to them using her own resources. With the support from non-government organization and some generous individuals, Liz has put up several nursing homes and schools. Her sole purpose is to help educate men and women, especially children, to help them improve their way of live.

Liz Rehnke used to help her father in medical camps. Acting as a nurse, she assisted Dr. Rehnke treating many patients who suffered from various medical conditions. During that time, she also supported her father in providing medical supplies to different clinics and hospitals in the said regions. While she and her father were there, Liz Rehnke also conceived another way to help. Aside from helping people get medical treatments, she also started teaching men and women, both young and old, the important of personal hygiene. This experience has also led Liz to a deeper understanding and realization of the culture and history of these people.

In the ensuing years, Liz Rehnke continues to find ways to improve the lives of many people living under the worst economic and health conditions. She has convinced many organizations and individuals to help her achieve her goals. Her personal quest has also inspired many people who know her not only as smart, beautiful women, but also as a caring and truly responsible person who has a genuine desire to make this world a better place. Liz has done remarkable achievements helping people. Together with her father, she has crossed continents just to ease the burden of families who suffer from dire living conditions.

Today, Liz Rehnke continues to spearhead several projects, together with various local organization and individuals who believe in her cause. She travels to different parts of the globe to find out how she can provide help and support. Her goal is to continue providing medical and educational assistance to people who live in impoverished areas. Her sole aim is to help people feel loved and valued even if they live in the remotest corners of the globe. Liz Rehnke – a brave soul, a loving daughter, and modern-day hero.

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