Calcium Supplements of vital importance

There are lots of calcium supplements out there are each of them carries a different amount of calcium. This disparity arises from the fact that the amount of calcium that we may need replaced in the body depends on the specific cause of the deficiency and the amount of calcium needs that arise from this deficiency. Supplements like liquid calcium citrate is one of the most important minerals that should be taken by the body. It contains about 20% of calcium in it and this makes it the supplement that has the highest amount of calcium in it. Due to the fact that it also contains citric acid, it is very important for the people who have a combined deficiency of vitamin c and calcium. This makes it very important for pregnant women. It also has the highest absorption rate among all of the calcium supplements.

The next supplement on the list is liquid calcium magnesium. As the name suggests, this supplement contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin d and other minerals that are vital to the body. It comes in a supplement form that is easy to digest and is taken twice a day. The best thing about this supplement is that it has no known side effects. Thus kids as well as adults can take it without the fear of any adverse effects

There are many more supplements that contain calcium but the above two are the most important. Although the calcium supplements have not been shown to have interactions with any other supplements, there is need for you to talk to your doctor before you decide to start on another supplement regiment.  Calcium may not be harmful on its own but the compounds that may be produced due to the interactions that so arise could be risky and thus consulting your physician is always advisable.


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